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Starting an eSport career is very often encountered around the world, especially with several large eSport teams both from Indonesia and internationally, all of this is inseparable from how a team will compare themselves to be recognized by the public. One way for fans or fans to be able to recognize their favorite team by using a logo. Of course, a good logo is a unique logo, easy to remember and also represents the vision and mission of a team in achieving their goals. The making of the eSport logo itself is also synonymous with the characteristics of the logo using strong colors and the use of solid fonts. Making this logo itself can be made easier by the existence of online sites that readers can use to create the logo. Some of the sites that the author provides are also not always free and some are paid in their services.

Logo Design –

This site is recommended by the author if you want to have a logo that is quite attractive and professional, LogoDesign can give readers a logo that is completely free. Apart from being free, readers can modify the desired logo themselves through the logo templates that have been provided.

Looka –

Looka provides a slightly different service than others. At Looka, readers can create logos that can be supported with a variety of additional icons that are quite diverse, such as a joystick icon, monitor icon and so on. According to the author, the logo offered focuses on the form of typhography logos, accompanied by small icons to add to the impression given. For interested readers, readers can buy logos that have been given either with modifications or standards.

Brand Crowd –

BrandCrowd is a premium logo maker site that is no less interesting to use. The price offered to buy a logo on BrandCrowd will be slightly more expensive for one logo, readers can choose the option to subscribe to its service which is much cheaper than buying a logo individually.

DesignEvo –

DesignEvo is a site that can create the eSport logo that readers want. Consisting of more than 10,000 template choices provided, DesignEvo provides a good enough service for creating an eSport logo. Readers can use the provided logo and download it for free, but at low quality. If readers want to get high quality, readers are required to subscribe for the service. In some cases, you can also use this site to create a logo for a gambling company, like Sbobet. In a recent event, SBOBET creates a logo for its subsidiary company YukBola. The logo used in the specific page and serves various gambling for sportsbook like soccer, tennis, basketball, and so on.


PlaceIt –

For readers who want to create a logo with a quality that is no less attractive than a professional team, PlaceIt can be the choice of readers to be able to create a premium eSport logo. Here readers can receive services on a monthly basis to be able to download the logo offered or readers can only buy one of the logos without having to subscribe to the service.

A logo will really represent a team when they participate in a tournament, of course fans will easily recognize and like several teams with branding and a logo that really supports the eSport team’s vision and mission. Even so, the author himself recommends making his own logo as desired compared to making from an already existing template, because there is a high probability that the template itself already has or has many similarities with other eSport team logos.

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