Biandel is a website for online design services, ranging from website design, logos, brochures, photography, packaging and more. Biandel has helped design needs of more than 5,000 clients from all over the world.

Website Creation

We know that you want to bring in less sales online. Therefore, we will help you to create a business-oriented, mobile-friendly website and a design that matches your company’s character and your creation.

Logo design

As we know, there are still many companies that don’t have a company logo (or at least they still use a generic logo). We can make attractive, unique company logos so that they are easy to remember along with making the website design you want.

Name Card Design

Integrating online and offline marketing can increase your sales and the company’s credibility to a higher level. Show exclusively with your business card, business website and email address. Design in harmony between your logo and website.