5 Examples of Business Cards with Various Attractive Designs

A business card is a card that contains a person’s identity. Identity associated with a business card, details of name, occupation, position, company name, company address, and contact information.

So business cards are indeed made to be given to other people or business partners, so it is necessary to verify your identity. Now business cards are an important item, especially for entrepreneurs. Business cards will make it easier for someone to introduce themselves without having to explain themselves verbally.

If you have a business card, you can immediately give it to someone else, the compilation of acquaintances. Through this card, people will know your name, occupation, position, company address, and, most importantly, contact. In the business world, having a business card is, of course, not only a trend but also approved.

Business cards are used as a form of professionalism in the business world. In addition, it is also an official license and the company where you work. Others who talk will trust you more directly to explain your work in verbal form.

Regarding business cards, we will certainly also discuss the design. Design is important because the design is the first thing a person will see when he compiles a business card given by someone else. Design your business card, depending on the choice of the card maker, or it can also be the card maker select the design that has been provided at the printing shop if there is a design that interests you.

If you want to make a business card, some crucial things must be considered, such as a business card, size, letters or fonts used, and pictures to beautify the business card. Right now, business card designs are popular, minimalist designs.

Further, in this article, we will show some interesting designs that might inspire you in making business cards.

Design is always a part that cannot be compiled if you want to make a business card. It is undeniable because the design is the first part that will be seen. People will appreciate your business card design because considering the design you choose for business cards can also reflect your trust.

Apart from that, you will, of course, confidently give your business card to others, also having a good design.

There are lots of good business card designs, and it is agreed that you intend to make business cards, of course, you will look for which designs are good for your business cards.

There are lots of them, but something that makes you confused, but doesn’t forget, a lot of it will also make you have many choices to make before you can choose to make all of them.

It can not take long; here, we will show some interesting business card designs to choose from.

Stefan Leitner

This card is a business card designed directly by Stefen Leitner, a famous photographer. Maybe appreciate you in the world of photography, of course, you will know him. Stefan Leitner created this business card inspired by his own personality.

He made an unusual design, making it easier to make thick cards. He likes to praise a type of bold logo and will be very prominent, given as a business card. You who like anti-mainstream matters can choose to use this Stefan Leitner design.

Le Balene

This business card design displays images of le belene fish, a type of whale in Italy. This picture will add a beautiful impression to the design. Also, this design is unique because there are stamps made of colored ink around the illustrated images of le balene fish.

For those of you who like designs that look cute, with a touch of foreign countries, you can choose the design for your business card.

Quentin Sponge

Compared to other business card designs, this business card with Quentin Monge design is more daring to play colors. Made by combining 5 colors, usually, the ingredients are white foil. With this color game, business cards will look more cheerful. The Quentin Monge design was designed by Do Not Try Studio, and they are one of the best graphic designers ever.

The Fox Yards Company

This design can be your next choice, especially for those of you who like designs that pay attention to details, you can choose to make a business card with the “the fox yards company” design. This design was created using Jukebox Print technology, so that printed images are embossed or 3D. The texture of the embossed image will make the design on the business card look nice and unique.


This business card design combines the impression of luxurious and straightforward, the writing on the business card is usually printed embossed and in certain parts sprinkled with gold decoration—a sprinkling of gold that gives the impression of luxury on the business card. The basic colors used are usually also soft colors. This design was created by named Chistina Yan, a talented stylist from Toronto, Canada.

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