professional photography

The development of visual communication media, making many people and even companies need a lot of photographers for personal and commercial purposes. If you now have a hobby of photography and dive deeper, there are a number of professions that you can work on. In fact, something can be done while completing studies.

Interestingly, because photography prioritizes the skills and results of the photo, whatever direction you take, as long as you have a portfolio that is loved by many people, then your career in the world of photography is very likely to develop. It’s just that you really need the initial savings, which is a good camera with professional results, understanding photography techniques, and a wide network of friends to promote your expertise (can be through the community). Even though you don’t have any savings to buy a good camera, you still can get more money by playing to trusted site Agen Bola Online Terpercaya for its sport gaming especially soccer like fantasy football but with real money. The site also have complete guide for you to win in sportsbook online gambling like: Sbobet, Maxbet, and IBCbet, that’s the easiest way to collect money and then you can buy any DSLR camera you wanted.

You need to have a place to show the results of the portfolio, can be through a personal website or blog or social media. That way, it is quite possible if the hobby of photography can be transformed into a profession. Here are seven professions that you can go into when exploring photography.

Food photography

With the proliferation of restaurants, places to eat, or contemporary cafes, the profession of food photography or food photographer is increasingly needed. The reason is, to attract the interest of consumers, culinary industry players need the results of food photos that arouse the tastes of many people, both to be displayed on menu books and social media. To be able to have an adequate portfolio, you can start by becoming a food blogger and showing off photos of food that you take through blogs or privately.

Fashion photographer

photography hobby

Travel fashion trends that are always up to date from time to time, making the world of fashion photography continue to grow. In the world of fashion, photographers have an important role in making attractive fashion visuals in accordance with the target consumers. This profession, which has existed since the 1980s, requires photographers for various types of fashion photos, such as shooting models wearing designer clothes and accessories, fashion product photos, as well as beauty photos or make up displays. To produce photos that “animate”, a fashion photographer is not only required to be good at photos, but also follow the development of fashion and beauty trends for various segments.

Wedding photographer

For most people, the procession of engagement, pre-wedding, until marriage is a moment that is very sacred and once in a lifetime. That’s why, the need for photo services in this field continues to increase and is almost never lonely. This profession can be your chance to significantly increase your income coffers. Remember, almost every week, there are couples who get engaged to get married. To be successful, you need to develop interesting photo ideas that clients can choose from. As a first step, you can take pictures of friends or relatives who will get married as a complement to the portfolio. Use this opportunity as well as possible.

Newborn Photographer

Newborn photographer is photography that focuses on photographing newborn babies. In a way, this profession is still fairly new in Indonesia. Even so, this profession is increasingly being looked at and sought after by the public, as evidenced by the many cute baby photos displayed on social media by new parents. Not only photos of newborn babies, now many parents are starting to also need photographer services to document the delivery process through photos and videos.

Travel photographer

Do you like to travel and take pictures as a hobby? Being a travel photographer can be a job that you should try next. You can work in government companies such as tourism agencies, travel agents, and travel magazines. However, a travel photographer is not only required to be able to photograph landscapes, but is also capable of documenting the people, culture, customs and history of an area.

Architectural photographer

Architectural photography is a specialty in the field of building photography, both exterior, interior, and details. The need for photographers in this field is considered to increase along with the rise of the property business. In addition, magazines and websites surrounding interior design are increasingly in demand, so career opportunities are becoming wider.

Commercial photographer

As the name implies, commercial photography is a photograph that has a sale value in accordance with commercial purposes, for example for product advertisements, posters and other marketing media so consumers are interested in buying. If you are interested in this profession, it’s time to learn more about commercial photography techniques. The reason is, the opportunities in this market are very broad so it is promising when it is occupied.