10 About Us Pages That Are Cool To Inspire You

Almost every site has a page about us, both on professional sites and individual blogs.

This about us page needs to be there because on this page it will often be explained who owns the website, starting from the name, contact number, and short story. On official sites, the organizational structure of the company is often included in full. Even this page is commonly used to mention the company’s vision and goals.

It is important for a site to create a page about us to be interesting, both from the content of the report and from the design side. Why is the design? Because this page can also describe what the website owner looks like.

Creative site owners will often design this page as interestingly as possible so that readers are impressed, if the owner is an artist this page might be created with artistic elements, if a politician might present the website owner’s speech, if a programmer might exist a portrait of him typing on a computer, as well as other examples.

Now as an inspiration, here are some of the unique about us / about us pages that we can see, who can be an inspiration to apply to your site.


The first about unique page to listen to is owned by Twitter, where Twitter designed this page best, there are slideshow images that are equipped with the best color filters. Apart from these, there are phenomenal tweets, and in the bottom, there are recommendations for twitter accounts belonging to world leaders.


The page about the company that owns the Adidas sports product is entirely upward, where on this page Adidas states in detail who they are, even equipped with an infographic that reflects the Adidas company as a whole, starting from quotes from CEOs, some users of their products, number of employees up to the number of products.

Apart from these, there are also different sub-sections that show their logos from the past.


Moz also has a unique about page to see, where on this page Moz states who they are and below it is equipped with a timeline of urgent moments that occur in each company each year, which opened from 2014.

White House

The White House displays a portrait of the American president, Barack Obama as a start, and it is only natural that the White House is like the state palace of the superpower. In addition to Barack Obama, the White House also includes the pages of vice president Joe Biden, wife of president Michelle Obama and even pages for the use of his cabinet.


Gummisig is a site belonging to a designer, so it should not be surprised if on this page the design is quite colorful.


Pulpfingers is a website owned by two mobile developers. They often create various software according to client requests. This page is the most interesting because the design is the most eye-catching with distinctive colors and attractive cartoon illustrations.


Hugeinc created a pretty unique page about us. They included a video on the top elements that certainly reflected who they were and below that there was information about what they were doing, the range of fields they handled and the branch of the company that spread in various regions. It’s cool.


Towa designed the best page about it, where they created layouts with the latest styles and gave warm touches of color. Just look at the page from among their members, there is a video at the top.

Superfluent Design

The other about unique page this time comes from Superfluent Design. Naturally, this page is the most artistic because this website belongs to two people who wrestle in that field, namely a Web Direction & Art Direction, collaboration of both, of course, is the most supportive.

Have a nice day online

A page about belonging Have a nice day online This is unique because it was created with custom designs that are spread throughout the page. The scribbled images are not only fun to witness for the sake of beautiful destinations but also have functions where they act as a front line that helps give eye guidance to all elements of the page.

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