A neat and attractive graphic design work can be easily created using the right and balanced combination of design elements. You are starting from the elements of shape, line, space, texture, size, and of course, color. The choice of color used in a design is not only a matter of the aesthetic value that you want to display but the message of the design itself. Yep, if you learn graphic design from scratch, of course, you already know the term color psychology.

Color psychology refers to the emotional and psychological effects that certain types of color can have on the viewing audience. Therefore, the selection and arrangement of the color composition must always be considered carefully and carefully. The goal is that the message you want to convey through your design work can be well received and understood by the desired target. In this article, we will discuss advanced topics in the field of basic graphic design elements in the form of color types. Happy reading!


It is short for Red Green Blue, which are colors that are created from the light produced by the monitor. The design with RGB color will be very suitable when displayed on digital media such as monitors, web, smartphones, and various other digital devices. RGB colors are bright and fresh and a pleasure to look at. This standard is used universally for the creation of designs or visual assets in digital form, one of the sites that implement using RGB for their design is yukbola.com, known as one of the best online gambling sites in Asia. Providing various games such as sports betting, casino online, casual games, and many more for you to enjoy.


LAB stands for L: Lightness, A: Green – Red axis, and B: Yellow – blue axis. The term color type is quite technical and is not widely used outside the world of graphic design. Not without reason, because the model used in the LAB at first glance is indeed more complex and complicated to understand when compared to some of the previous color types. This type of color model is suitable for both digital and print media.


The color play performed by professional designs does not only involve the spectrum on a conventional color wheel. There is a color type known as HSL, which stands for Hue Saturation Lightness. This type of color model is suitable for digital media such as RGB. You will find it easier to adjust the level of darkness and brightness with this color mode. The use of HSL then provides an increasingly diverse variety of the basic colors on the color wheel. Only by controlling the HSL level you can create new color combinations that match the design you want to make.


This type of color has a function and commercial use in various industries. CMYK is short for Cyan Magenta Yellow and Black. Designs with CMYK color types are usually very suitable for printing-related printing. Color with CMYK type will usually be more opaque when compared to RGB, but when you print your design, this color will match the type of ink you are using.


This type of color model is usually closed and is often used by a web designer. With a color code like this, the desired color can be obtained faster. Web designers usually also use assistance such as add-ons in the browser to be able to find out the code of a certain color. The use of the HEX model greatly facilitates the creation of an interface design, aka the user interface (UI) for digital platforms such as the web and applications. You who want to be a UI / UX designer must really master this model.

Starting an eSport career is very often encountered around the world, especially with several large eSport teams both from Indonesia and internationally, all of this is inseparable from how a team will compare themselves to be recognized by the public. One way for fans or fans to be able to recognize their favorite team by using a logo. Of course, a good logo is a unique logo, easy to remember and also represents the vision and mission of a team in achieving their goals. The making of the eSport logo itself is also synonymous with the characteristics of the logo using strong colors and the use of solid fonts. Making this logo itself can be made easier by the existence of online sites that readers can use to create the logo. Some of the sites that the author provides are also not always free and some are paid in their services.

Logo Design – https://www.logodesign.net/gaming-logo-maker

This site is recommended by the author if you want to have a logo that is quite attractive and professional, LogoDesign can give readers a logo that is completely free. Apart from being free, readers can modify the desired logo themselves through the logo templates that have been provided.

Looka – https://looka.com/explore

Looka provides a slightly different service than others. At Looka, readers can create logos that can be supported with a variety of additional icons that are quite diverse, such as a joystick icon, monitor icon and so on. According to the author, the logo offered focuses on the form of typhography logos, accompanied by small icons to add to the impression given. For interested readers, readers can buy logos that have been given either with modifications or standards.

Brand Crowd – https://www.brandcrowd.com/maker/tag/esports

BrandCrowd is a premium logo maker site that is no less interesting to use. The price offered to buy a logo on BrandCrowd will be slightly more expensive for one logo, readers can choose the option to subscribe to its service which is much cheaper than buying a logo individually.

DesignEvo – https://www.designevo.com/create/logos/esp

DesignEvo is a site that can create the eSport logo that readers want. Consisting of more than 10,000 template choices provided, DesignEvo provides a good enough service for creating an eSport logo. Readers can use the provided logo and download it for free, but at low quality. If readers want to get high quality, readers are required to subscribe for the service. In some cases, you can also use this site to create a logo for a gambling company, like Sbobet. In a recent event, SBOBET creates a logo for its subsidiary company YukBola. The logo used in the specific page and serves various gambling for sportsbook like soccer, tennis, basketball, and so on.


PlaceIt – https://placeit.net/esports-logo-maker

For readers who want to create a logo with a quality that is no less attractive than a professional team, PlaceIt can be the choice of readers to be able to create a premium eSport logo. Here readers can receive services on a monthly basis to be able to download the logo offered or readers can only buy one of the logos without having to subscribe to the service.

A logo will really represent a team when they participate in a tournament, of course fans will easily recognize and like several teams with branding and a logo that really supports the eSport team’s vision and mission. Even so, the author himself recommends making his own logo as desired compared to making from an already existing template, because there is a high probability that the template itself already has or has many similarities with other eSport team logos.

professional photography

The development of visual communication media, making many people and even companies need a lot of photographers for personal and commercial purposes. If you now have a hobby of photography and dive deeper, there are a number of professions that you can work on. In fact, something can be done while completing studies.

Interestingly, because photography prioritizes the skills and results of the photo, whatever direction you take, as long as you have a portfolio that is loved by many people, then your career in the world of photography is very likely to develop. It’s just that you really need the initial savings, which is a good camera with professional results, understanding photography techniques, and a wide network of friends to promote your expertise (can be through the community). Even though you don’t have any savings to buy a good camera, you still can get more money by playing to trusted site Agen Bola Online Terpercaya for its sport gaming especially soccer like fantasy football but with real money. The site also have complete guide for you to win in sportsbook online gambling like: Sbobet, Maxbet, and IBCbet, that’s the easiest way to collect money and then you can buy any DSLR camera you wanted.

You need to have a place to show the results of the portfolio, can be through a personal website or blog or social media. That way, it is quite possible if the hobby of photography can be transformed into a profession. Here are seven professions that you can go into when exploring photography.

Food photography

With the proliferation of restaurants, places to eat, or contemporary cafes, the profession of food photography or food photographer is increasingly needed. The reason is, to attract the interest of consumers, culinary industry players need the results of food photos that arouse the tastes of many people, both to be displayed on menu books and social media. To be able to have an adequate portfolio, you can start by becoming a food blogger and showing off photos of food that you take through blogs or privately.

Fashion photographer

photography hobby

Travel fashion trends that are always up to date from time to time, making the world of fashion photography continue to grow. In the world of fashion, photographers have an important role in making attractive fashion visuals in accordance with the target consumers. This profession, which has existed since the 1980s, requires photographers for various types of fashion photos, such as shooting models wearing designer clothes and accessories, fashion product photos, as well as beauty photos or make up displays. To produce photos that “animate”, a fashion photographer is not only required to be good at photos, but also follow the development of fashion and beauty trends for various segments.

Wedding photographer

For most people, the procession of engagement, pre-wedding, until marriage is a moment that is very sacred and once in a lifetime. That’s why, the need for photo services in this field continues to increase and is almost never lonely. This profession can be your chance to significantly increase your income coffers. Remember, almost every week, there are couples who get engaged to get married. To be successful, you need to develop interesting photo ideas that clients can choose from. As a first step, you can take pictures of friends or relatives who will get married as a complement to the portfolio. Use this opportunity as well as possible.

Newborn Photographer

Newborn photographer is photography that focuses on photographing newborn babies. In a way, this profession is still fairly new in Indonesia. Even so, this profession is increasingly being looked at and sought after by the public, as evidenced by the many cute baby photos displayed on social media by new parents. Not only photos of newborn babies, now many parents are starting to also need photographer services to document the delivery process through photos and videos.

Travel photographer

Do you like to travel and take pictures as a hobby? Being a travel photographer can be a job that you should try next. You can work in government companies such as tourism agencies, travel agents, and travel magazines. However, a travel photographer is not only required to be able to photograph landscapes, but is also capable of documenting the people, culture, customs and history of an area.

Architectural photographer

Architectural photography is a specialty in the field of building photography, both exterior, interior, and details. The need for photographers in this field is considered to increase along with the rise of the property business. In addition, magazines and websites surrounding interior design are increasingly in demand, so career opportunities are becoming wider.

Commercial photographer

As the name implies, commercial photography is a photograph that has a sale value in accordance with commercial purposes, for example for product advertisements, posters and other marketing media so consumers are interested in buying. If you are interested in this profession, it’s time to learn more about commercial photography techniques. The reason is, the opportunities in this market are very broad so it is promising when it is occupied.

Using infographics during a presentation is an easier way to explain the material presented. Infographic information will be more easily captured because humans are visual creatures that make infographics more easily digested and understood.

Infographics are very efficient for websites that want to maximize their ranking in search engines (SEO). You can also use infographics to explain presentation material in PowerPoint.

With the many benefits provided, you can start learning how to create infographics, both for presentation purposes using PowerPoint and to be posted on a website or blog.

PowerPoint is a computer program that makes it easy for you to create presentations that feature visuals and dense and informative content.
To make it easier for you to share data and information more densely and informally, you can start creating infographics through PowerPoint.

However, there are still many who do not know how to create infographics in PowerPoint. We will share the following tips that can help you to find out how to create infographics more easily.

Know Your Target Audience First

There are several types of audiences that you must recognize correctly so that the data you create in PowerPoint is not misdirected. According to Harvard Business Review, there are four types of hearings that you can make a benchmark for visualizing data and information in the infographics that you create.

These types are beginners, generalists, managerials, experts, and executives. For a novice audience, you need to introduce general information more frequently and simply than data or theory, but avoid oversimplifying the data.

You should introduce topics, themes, and summaries more when dealing with general or generalist audiences. To the managerial audience, you must visualize infographics that are more detailed and more sustainable in PowerPoint.

With an expert audience, you need to be able to visualize detailed info and data without excessive ado. Don’t forget, include the findings or exploration made when searching for the data or info.

While with the executive audience, present the purpose of the data sought and found and conclusions from all of them because of the little time they provide. By knowing the type of audience, you can visualize infographics according to the audience’s point of interest in PowerPoint.

Start the Arrangement and Concept of Data and Information That must be Displayed in PowerPoint

Compiling and conceptualizing what you have to offer is an important key to a more solid and informative infographic. For information that is general and background, don’t forget to include the source that you used as a reference to avoid plagiarism.

To give a headline to PowerPoint, try to make it interesting and relevant. This will keep the audience focused and interested in your PowerPoint. Don’t forget to keep the flow of information flowing chronologically.

Determine the Template and Type of Infographic that is Relevant to the Data

You can also start choosing or making PowerPoint templates that are relevant and appropriate to the presentation that you are working on.

Currently, there are many PowerPoint templates that you can get for free so that they can make it easier for you to prepare templates that are clean and worth showing.

Also, determine the type of infographic that matches the data you get, and you will explain in PowerPoint. The types of infographics that you can compile are infographics with diagrams and graphical images that fit your data.

If you do it in a PowerPoint template that is already available, you can modify it according to the information that will be delivered.

Modify the Desired PowerPoint Size and Appearance

You can create your own infographics in PowerPoint. To change the size of the slide show in your presentation, you can click the Design menu> Slide Size> Custom Slide Size, then click the Custom option and the desired display style and slide size.

After that, you can modify the color of the slide show with the Background Format option in PowerPoint. You can also use SmartArt to create charts and graphics needed for infographics that are created.

To change the appearance of SmartArt created, you can select the Design or Format tab on the SmartArt Tools menu bar. With the above methods, you can easily create infographics in PowerPoint.

By maximizing the use of infographics in presentations in PowerPoint, you can make the data and information you provide more compact and easy to understand. Good luck!

Making illustration designs is indeed not easy. You must pay attention to the message to be conveyed, the form of illustrations, to the color composition that will be used.

However, most importantly, you also need to have the right inspiration for the successful illustration design results. How do you get inspiration when creating illustration designs? Check out the tips in the following review.

Make a Mind Map

To stimulate your brain to get a clear picture when creating illustration designs, try to make a mind map. Mind map contains main ideas as well as companion ideas for your illustration design. Think of the most general things first, then divide into some more specific ideas.

You can also make a list of things that fit the theme of the illustration. For example, for an illustration with the theme of the natural environment, you can list trees, pollution, animals, and others. This method will help you to focus more on the theme of the illustration so that you quickly get the right inspiration.

Take Advantage of Technology

The technology was created to facilitate human life, including for matters of designing illustrations. There are now many websites and webinars around an illustration that can be an inspiration for you. Visit the site often when you need inspiration.

In addition, you can also use an automatic generator. Several automated generator websites will offer phrases as a source of inspiration.

By using a website like this, you don’t need to bother thinking about the great theme of the illustration or even the message that will be conveyed in the illustration.

See Your Old Illustration

Have you ever worked on a project similar to the illustrative theme now? It’s time to unpack your old work. Take a look at how you do the project. Is there anything that can be used? Do you need anything to upgrade? If the answer is yes, then you can immediately start designing.

In addition to ready-made illustrations, you can also see drafts or even old scribbles. Dismantling the old draft may evoke an idea that you once forgot.

The point here is, yourself can be an inspiration for you when working on illustration projects. The key is to dig deeper into your abilities and memory.

Observe Your Surroundings

Inspiration can come anytime and anywhere, including in the environment around you. You might try too hard to design illustrations, so you forget about the environment. Even if you are observant, there are many inspirations for illustrations that can be obtained from the surrounding environment.

Try to set aside time in the day to sit still and observe your surroundings. You can also go to crowded places to make observations. In these observations, of course, there will be some things that interest you.

Develop this interesting thing into an idea, then pour it into your illustration. Guaranteed, your illustrations will look more attractive and unique.

The inspiration to make illustration designs just can’t be present. You need some “inducement” so that inspiration is present. The four tips above can be tried whenever you need inspiration in creating illustration designs.

These methods are also utilized by illustration service providers from Biandel.com. By learning from the environment and experience in handling illustration projects, illustrators connected to Biandel.com are ready to help your illustration projects anytime!

A business card is a card that contains a person’s identity. Identity associated with a business card, details of name, occupation, position, company name, company address, and contact information.

So business cards are indeed made to be given to other people or business partners, so it is necessary to verify your identity. Now business cards are an important item, especially for entrepreneurs. Business cards will make it easier for someone to introduce themselves without having to explain themselves verbally.

If you have a business card, you can immediately give it to someone else, the compilation of acquaintances. Through this card, people will know your name, occupation, position, company address, and, most importantly, contact. In the business world, having a business card is, of course, not only a trend but also approved.

Business cards are used as a form of professionalism in the business world. In addition, it is also an official license and the company where you work. Others who talk will trust you more directly to explain your work in verbal form.

Regarding business cards, we will certainly also discuss the design. Design is important because the design is the first thing a person will see when he compiles a business card given by someone else. Design your business card, depending on the choice of the card maker, or it can also be the card maker select the design that has been provided at the printing shop if there is a design that interests you.

If you want to make a business card, some crucial things must be considered, such as a business card, size, letters or fonts used, and pictures to beautify the business card. Right now, business card designs are popular, minimalist designs.

Further, in this article, we will show some interesting designs that might inspire you in making business cards.

Design is always a part that cannot be compiled if you want to make a business card. It is undeniable because the design is the first part that will be seen. People will appreciate your business card design because considering the design you choose for business cards can also reflect your trust.

Apart from that, you will, of course, confidently give your business card to others, also having a good design.

There are lots of good business card designs, and it is agreed that you intend to make business cards, of course, you will look for which designs are good for your business cards.

There are lots of them, but something that makes you confused, but doesn’t forget, a lot of it will also make you have many choices to make before you can choose to make all of them.

It can not take long; here, we will show some interesting business card designs to choose from.

Stefan Leitner

This card is a business card designed directly by Stefen Leitner, a famous photographer. Maybe appreciate you in the world of photography, of course, you will know him. Stefan Leitner created this business card inspired by his own personality.

He made an unusual design, making it easier to make thick cards. He likes to praise a type of bold logo and will be very prominent, given as a business card. You who like anti-mainstream matters can choose to use this Stefan Leitner design.

Le Balene

This business card design displays images of le belene fish, a type of whale in Italy. This picture will add a beautiful impression to the design. Also, this design is unique because there are stamps made of colored ink around the illustrated images of le balene fish.

For those of you who like designs that look cute, with a touch of foreign countries, you can choose the design for your business card.

Quentin Sponge

Compared to other business card designs, this business card with Quentin Monge design is more daring to play colors. Made by combining 5 colors, usually, the ingredients are white foil. With this color game, business cards will look more cheerful. The Quentin Monge design was designed by Do Not Try Studio, and they are one of the best graphic designers ever.

The Fox Yards Company

This design can be your next choice, especially for those of you who like designs that pay attention to details, you can choose to make a business card with the “the fox yards company” design. This design was created using Jukebox Print technology, so that printed images are embossed or 3D. The texture of the embossed image will make the design on the business card look nice and unique.


This business card design combines the impression of luxurious and straightforward, the writing on the business card is usually printed embossed and in certain parts sprinkled with gold decoration—a sprinkling of gold that gives the impression of luxury on the business card. The basic colors used are usually also soft colors. This design was created by named Chistina Yan, a talented stylist from Toronto, Canada.

Smartphones have become one of the fundamental needs nowadays, where the number of users has increased each day. This then impacts the increase in the number of production of many kinds of mobile equipment, mobile operating systems, and their applications.

Mobile devices are now the best storefronts to showcase, sell, and market their products. Smartphones also become a medium of communication with consumers, making it intense and can persuade consumers to shop.

The following study from the ComScore shows that in 2014, the number of mobile applications exceeded desktops.

Three years ago, SMEs might have seen only 10 percent of the traffic coming from mobile, but now the increase reaches 70 percent. In the next few years, the transition to mobile software or mobile-friendly sites will increase dramatically.

One way to be able to take advantage of this moment is to have a mobile-friendly website. Is your site mobile friendly?

A mobile-friendly website is a website that is designed to be appropriately displayed on smaller devices or screens — for example, an Android smartphone or iPhone and a medium-sized tablet. Because it makes a mobile-friendly site the best for your business to have a presence in the mobile world, and strengthen the chances of your business success.

While big businesses easily follow the development of mobile sites, the middle-to-lower learning space business is still an obstacle to adopting this business. However, the reality in the field shows that every business that follows the development of mobile has fewer benefits than those who don’t.

Here are some of the most important propositions for a business to have a mobile-friendly website.

Reaching More Than a Few Smartphone Users

Nowadays, gadget users are not less using cellphones, but other devices are like tablets. Smartphones are now no longer only used as communication devices, and their uses can now also be used for business promotion.

We are starting from submitting the latest product information to consumers, interacting directly, to encourage them to negotiate you on social media.

Broader Business Promotion

You can display important information about our business in detail on the website. This makes it easy for site visitors to get information about addresses, telephone numbers, maps of our business places, and more.

This information makes it easier for consumers to contact you by telephone or come directly. Also, we can use different features of mobile equipment like locations to offer them promos when they are in a location adjacent to your place of business.

This will make them interested in visiting our place of business or sharing promo information with their partners. You can also use a QR code for advertising products in print media that can direct more or less different smartphone users who have the potential to become consumers of your business.

Increase Ranking on Google

Google rankings for mobile websites are not much different, for many certain cases sometimes giving up their advantages for mobile-friendly websites.

Because giving the same ranking does not apply uniformly to all sites (websites that have mobile-friendly features will rank better than those that don’t).

Nowadays competition for google rank is harder than earlier years. Many sites start using mobile-friendly themes as their homepage, we got lucky that we managed to have a conversation with one of the biggest gaming site in Indonesia. And yes, Mobile-Friendly theme is one of their main weapon in order to gain a better rank. Ever since they adjust to a mobile-friendly site, their rank is increasing significantly.

This means that your business site will have a greater chance of being shown on the top elements of Google’s search page if it can be of good use on mobile devices, while also being quickly loaded into the browser and looking attractive.

Invest Periodically & Fees for Mobile Websites

By considering all these points, surely your business will get more or less profit if you have a mobile-friendly website. No need to worry when this is most possible to develop a mobile-friendly site.

Generally, web designers already have the skills to create responsive designs, to the extent that a website can perform well and be useful on any equipment.

Therefore it is recommended that you invest time and money to develop a smartphone or mobile-friendly site for your business.

The days when a food menu is presented in PDF form and are in the way of articles and pictures of poor quality food have passed. In this day and age, contemporary website websites give you a variety of weighty food images high quality, bright colors, unique and appealing fonts and present them with a unique and easy to adapt interface design to captivate your heart for food lovers.

Here we give you many websites with inspiration from restaurants that have unique interface designs and arouse your appetite:

Interesting Photos

Visitors from the site must have gotten pictures and explanations about what foods you sell on your site. It has become a basis for restaurant websites to combine unique photography and the right editing tips. Regardless of what products you offer, the product must look delicious, fresh and beautiful. Food photography is one of the arts that must be mastered by each food service provider or restaurant. Make sure that the arrangement of dishes, utensils, and cups has been quickly seen.

Tasteful Colors

Color can make your food look tantalizing or boring. Color games on a food website are one of the big things that can create a website that your customers look at. One trick that you can apply in choosing a color background for your site is to try out many color variants that come from the food itself then add a dark or light effect. This can create foods that you serve that look more attractive because of the color they serve.

Typography That is “Delicious”

Typography of a restaurant website must contain words that create your food look unique and inspire consumer tastes without exaggerating. You can find inspiration from the restaurant menu, hand articles about recipes from food, cookbooks, and so on. This type of typography can be unique to consumers because of its uniqueness.

“Delicious” Content

Content that is on a website is always urgent to pay attention to. After the user has witnessed and enjoyed the nuances submitted by your site, they will still explore what values ​​can be taken to give them new knowledge, or as easy as how your content can provide them with interest in tasting the food you serve in your restaurant. Make sure that the content that you have on the website is not infrequently light, fun and easy and simple to digest.

Tempting Interface Design

Good interface design is a foundation for a website. Interface design allows users of the site to pursue their goals in an effective and uninterrupted manner. A good interface design (UI) is subtly useful behind the scenes and indirectly adds to the user experience (UX). It should be remembered that when designing your site’s interface design, make sure all its uses are consistent and intuitive to the extent that the user can find out what his purpose is.

And also make sure that your website moves responsively and follows the movement of the user. The most important thing is always to monitor the development of your website at any time so that the content and design of the site that you have is not often fresh and pleasant for users.

Almost every site has a page about us, both on professional sites and individual blogs.

This about us page needs to be there because on this page it will often be explained who owns the website, starting from the name, contact number, and short story. On official sites, the organizational structure of the company is often included in full. Even this page is commonly used to mention the company’s vision and goals.

It is important for a site to create a page about us to be interesting, both from the content of the report and from the design side. Why is the design? Because this page can also describe what the website owner looks like.

Creative site owners will often design this page as interestingly as possible so that readers are impressed, if the owner is an artist this page might be created with artistic elements, if a politician might present the website owner’s speech, if a programmer might exist a portrait of him typing on a computer, as well as other examples.

Now as an inspiration, here are some of the unique about us / about us pages that we can see, who can be an inspiration to apply to your site.


The first about unique page to listen to is owned by Twitter, where Twitter designed this page best, there are slideshow images that are equipped with the best color filters. Apart from these, there are phenomenal tweets, and in the bottom, there are recommendations for twitter accounts belonging to world leaders.


The page about the company that owns the Adidas sports product is entirely upward, where on this page Adidas states in detail who they are, even equipped with an infographic that reflects the Adidas company as a whole, starting from quotes from CEOs, some users of their products, number of employees up to the number of products.

Apart from these, there are also different sub-sections that show their logos from the past.


Moz also has a unique about page to see, where on this page Moz states who they are and below it is equipped with a timeline of urgent moments that occur in each company each year, which opened from 2014.

White House

The White House displays a portrait of the American president, Barack Obama as a start, and it is only natural that the White House is like the state palace of the superpower. In addition to Barack Obama, the White House also includes the pages of vice president Joe Biden, wife of president Michelle Obama and even pages for the use of his cabinet.


Gummisig is a site belonging to a designer, so it should not be surprised if on this page the design is quite colorful.


Pulpfingers is a website owned by two mobile developers. They often create various software according to client requests. This page is the most interesting because the design is the most eye-catching with distinctive colors and attractive cartoon illustrations.


Hugeinc created a pretty unique page about us. They included a video on the top elements that certainly reflected who they were and below that there was information about what they were doing, the range of fields they handled and the branch of the company that spread in various regions. It’s cool.


Towa designed the best page about it, where they created layouts with the latest styles and gave warm touches of color. Just look at the page from among their members, there is a video at the top.

Superfluent Design

The other about unique page this time comes from Superfluent Design. Naturally, this page is the most artistic because this website belongs to two people who wrestle in that field, namely a Web Direction & Art Direction, collaboration of both, of course, is the most supportive.

Have a nice day online

A page about belonging Have a nice day online This is unique because it was created with custom designs that are spread throughout the page. The scribbled images are not only fun to witness for the sake of beautiful destinations but also have functions where they act as a front line that helps give eye guidance to all elements of the page.