Smartphones have become one of the fundamental needs nowadays, where the number of users has increased each day. This then impacts the increase in the number of production of many kinds of mobile equipment, mobile operating systems, and their applications.

Mobile devices are now the best storefronts to showcase, sell, and market their products. Smartphones also become a medium of communication with consumers, making it intense and can persuade consumers to shop.

The following study from the ComScore shows that in 2014, the number of mobile applications exceeded desktops.

Three years ago, SMEs might have seen only 10 percent of the traffic coming from mobile, but now the increase reaches 70 percent. In the next few years, the transition to mobile software or mobile-friendly sites will increase dramatically.

One way to be able to take advantage of this moment is to have a mobile-friendly website. Is your site mobile friendly?

A mobile-friendly website is a website that is designed to be appropriately displayed on smaller devices or screens — for example, an Android smartphone or iPhone and a medium-sized tablet. Because it makes a mobile-friendly site the best for your business to have a presence in the mobile world, and strengthen the chances of your business success.

While big businesses easily follow the development of mobile sites, the middle-to-lower learning space business is still an obstacle to adopting this business. However, the reality in the field shows that every business that follows the development of mobile has fewer benefits than those who don’t.

Here are some of the most important propositions for a business to have a mobile-friendly website.

Reaching More Than a Few Smartphone Users

Nowadays, gadget users are not less using cellphones, but other devices are like tablets. Smartphones are now no longer only used as communication devices, and their uses can now also be used for business promotion.

We are starting from submitting the latest product information to consumers, interacting directly, to encourage them to negotiate you on social media.

Broader Business Promotion

You can display important information about our business in detail on the website. This makes it easy for site visitors to get information about addresses, telephone numbers, maps of our business places, and more.

This information makes it easier for consumers to contact you by telephone or come directly. Also, we can use different features of mobile equipment like locations to offer them promos when they are in a location adjacent to your place of business.

This will make them interested in visiting our place of business or sharing promo information with their partners. You can also use a QR code for advertising products in print media that can direct more or less different smartphone users who have the potential to become consumers of your business.

Increase Ranking on Google

Google rankings for mobile websites are not much different, for many certain cases sometimes giving up their advantages for mobile-friendly websites.

Because giving the same ranking does not apply uniformly to all sites (websites that have mobile-friendly features will rank better than those that don’t).

Nowadays competition for google rank is harder than earlier years. Many sites start using mobile-friendly themes as their homepage, we got lucky that we managed to have a conversation with one of the biggest poker terpercaya sites in Indonesia, YukPokerOnline. And yes, Mobile-Friendly theme is one of their main weapon in order to gain a better rank. Ever since they adjust to a mobile-friendly site, their rank is increasing significantly.

This means that your business site will have a greater chance of being shown on the top elements of Google’s search page if it can be of good use on mobile devices, while also being quickly loaded into the browser and looking attractive.

Invest Periodically & Fees for Mobile Websites

By considering all these points, surely your business will get more or less profit if you have a mobile-friendly website. No need to worry when this is most possible to develop a mobile-friendly site.

Generally, web designers already have the skills to create responsive designs, to the extent that a website can perform well and be useful on any equipment.

Therefore it is recommended that you invest time and money to develop a smartphone or mobile-friendly site for your business.

The days when a food menu is presented in PDF form and are in the way of articles and pictures of poor quality food have passed. In this day and age, contemporary website websites give you a variety of weighty food images high quality, bright colors, unique and appealing fonts and present them with a unique and easy to adapt interface design to captivate your heart for food lovers.

Here we give you many websites with inspiration from restaurants that have unique interface designs and arouse your appetite:

Interesting Photos

Visitors from the site must have gotten pictures and explanations about what foods you sell on your site. It has become a basis for restaurant websites to combine unique photography and the right editing tips. Regardless of what products you offer, the product must look delicious, fresh and beautiful. Food photography is one of the arts that must be mastered by each food service provider or restaurant. Make sure that the arrangement of dishes, utensils, and cups has been quickly seen.

Tasteful Colors

Color can make your food look tantalizing or boring. Color games on a food website are one of the big things that can create a website that your customers look at. One trick that you can apply in choosing a color background for your site is to try out many color variants that come from the food itself then add a dark or light effect. This can create foods that you serve that look more attractive because of the color they serve.

Typography That is “Delicious”

Typography of a restaurant website must contain words that create your food look unique and inspire consumer tastes without exaggerating. You can find inspiration from the restaurant menu, hand articles about recipes from food, cookbooks, and so on. This type of typography can be unique to consumers because of its uniqueness.

“Delicious” Content

Content that is on a website is always urgent to pay attention to. After the user has witnessed and enjoyed the nuances submitted by your site, they will still explore what values ​​can be taken to give them new knowledge, or as easy as how your content can provide them with interest in tasting the food you serve in your restaurant. Make sure that the content that you have on the website is not infrequently light, fun and easy and simple to digest.

Tempting Interface Design

Good interface design is a foundation for a website. Interface design allows users of the site to pursue their goals in an effective and uninterrupted manner. A good interface design (UI) is subtly useful behind the scenes and indirectly adds to the user experience (UX). It should be remembered that when designing your site’s interface design, make sure all its uses are consistent and intuitive to the extent that the user can find out what his purpose is.

And also make sure that your website moves responsively and follows the movement of the user. The most important thing is always to monitor the development of your website at any time so that the content and design of the site that you have is not often fresh and pleasant for users.

Almost every site has a page about us, both on professional sites and individual blogs.

This about us page needs to be there because on this page it will often be explained who owns the website, starting from the name, contact number, and short story. On official sites, the organizational structure of the company is often included in full. Even this page is commonly used to mention the company’s vision and goals.

It is important for a site to create a page about us to be interesting, both from the content of the report and from the design side. Why is the design? Because this page can also describe what the website owner looks like.

Creative site owners will often design this page as interestingly as possible so that readers are impressed, if the owner is an artist this page might be created with artistic elements, if a politician might present the website owner’s speech, if a programmer might exist a portrait of him typing on a computer, as well as other examples.

Now as an inspiration, here are some of the unique about us / about us pages that we can see, who can be an inspiration to apply to your site.


The first about unique page to listen to is owned by Twitter, where Twitter designed this page best, there are slideshow images that are equipped with the best color filters. Apart from these, there are phenomenal tweets, and in the bottom, there are recommendations for twitter accounts belonging to world leaders.


The page about the company that owns the Adidas sports product is entirely upward, where on this page Adidas states in detail who they are, even equipped with an infographic that reflects the Adidas company as a whole, starting from quotes from CEOs, some users of their products, number of employees up to the number of products.

Apart from these, there are also different sub-sections that show their logos from the past.


Moz also has a unique about page to see, where on this page Moz states who they are and below it is equipped with a timeline of urgent moments that occur in each company each year, which opened from 2014.

White House

The White House displays a portrait of the American president, Barack Obama as a start, and it is only natural that the White House is like the state palace of the superpower. In addition to Barack Obama, the White House also includes the pages of vice president Joe Biden, wife of president Michelle Obama and even pages for the use of his cabinet.


Gummisig is a site belonging to a designer, so it should not be surprised if on this page the design is quite colorful.


Pulpfingers is a website owned by two mobile developers. They often create various software according to client requests. This page is the most interesting because the design is the most eye-catching with distinctive colors and attractive cartoon illustrations.


Hugeinc created a pretty unique page about us. They included a video on the top elements that certainly reflected who they were and below that there was information about what they were doing, the range of fields they handled and the branch of the company that spread in various regions. It’s cool.


Towa designed the best page about it, where they created layouts with the latest styles and gave warm touches of color. Just look at the page from among their members, there is a video at the top.

Superfluent Design

The other about unique page this time comes from Superfluent Design. Naturally, this page is the most artistic because this website belongs to two people who wrestle in that field, namely a Web Direction & Art Direction, collaboration of both, of course, is the most supportive.

Have a nice day online

A page about belonging Have a nice day online This is unique because it was created with custom designs that are spread throughout the page. The scribbled images are not only fun to witness for the sake of beautiful destinations but also have functions where they act as a front line that helps give eye guidance to all elements of the page.

Have we understood what a Booklet is? The following is a discussion of the definition of Booklet and avail of Booklets for companies. Booklets have formats such as small books with A4 or A5 sizes and are often used to represent companies.

The contents in the small book are generally details of the services or products that are given by the particular company concerned. According to its usefulness, the booklet can be likened to an ambassador to carry the message of a company, which is the design and appearance of a wholesale booklet representing the presentation of the company.

Booklets are books that are generally used as a means to show products and services for a company. Apart from these booklets can also promote a company. When using this booklet, it has spread to all of Indonesia. Given the use of the most important booklets for a company, it’s no wonder that not a few companies design and print booklets through attractive displays.

Booklet Function for Companies

The function of booklets for companies is for offline promotion is one of the practical media promotions. If the buyer or client asks about the product or service offered by the company, we have to submit the booklet. Clients or consumers also immediately listen and glance at the products they want to go through the booklet.

Or it can help the marketing department to present products and services efficiently and clearly. Generally, the benefits of booklets for promotion, as well as booklets that have enough use are not small for both the company and for consumers. As for the advantages of using a booklet for the company itself, including:

  1. Complete Information
    A brochure is a small or medium book, in the form of a writing company and product information that is explained in a full match with the wishes. Besides, it can also mention the advantages contained in a product. By creating booklets and showing them to consumers, they can immediately find out all the products or services offered without further information.
  2. Affordable Prices
    Making booklets for offline promotion is not too expensive in printing services, to the extent that companies need to spend no less money to promote their products and services offline. Low prices create a company that chooses to print booklets in amounts that are not small and ready to be used for prospects of buyers or consumers.
  3. Explanation of Easy to Understand Society
    The booklet function for companies is a promotional media that is easy for the public to digest. Given the use of the utterances in the booklet itself is often very simple and easier to understand. People can find out the contents of the booklet quickly. For the owner of the company, you can make a booklet that is used as a means of promoting the products and services we offer.
  4. Has an attractive design
    The booklet design for promotion must also be the latest, colorful and attractive. Design can be said to be the most sparkling trick or idea in the buyer’s unique attention. They began to be interested in reading it until they finally used services or made purchases of products offered. Give affirmation in each design so that consumers immediately understand the information needed. If you need to add glossy laminates so that the Booklet looks more professional.

Booklet function for consumers

Before we know in detail about graphic design for the creation of booklets, the business that must be considered in the making of booklets must match the concept of your company. The benefits of consumer use booklets, including this:

  1. Establish Consumer Confidence
    The Booklet function is as complete information, and detailed content in the booklet creates the perception of all consumers more positively. Consumers believe in the promotion of products from the company, and they will eventually think if the product or company is indeed good and matches the willingness of consumers.
  2. Promotion to Friends
    By submitting booklets to consumers, they can certainly attract other consumers. Where consumers will immediately listen to booklets with the closest people, colleagues, or family. When you are confused, when choosing a product, you can immediately consult a friend.
  3. Not Bored For Reading It
    Consumers also feel interested in listening to the booklet until it’s finished. With interesting language and images can make consumers become more understanding. If you need to provide detailed images of the advantages of the products and services that our company provides.
  4. As a comparison
    As consumers, they will certainly work on comparisons before finally concluding to purchase products that the company offers. Consumers will watch images, information, and compare them with other companies’ competitors. With a good Booklet design, it can increase consumer confidence indirectly.
    The importance of the use and benefits of booklets for companies that are quite a lot certainly creates us to understand that the creation of booklets is very urgent as a means or media for corporate promotion. Through the booklet, it can certainly help smooth your offline advertising.

Conclusion of the Booklet Function

So it can be concluded that in general, useful booklets are almost the same as product catalogs. Where both displays or displays almost the entire company’s overall product along with specifications or explanations and prices. With good quality and design, it can attract the attention of all clients to the extent that it contributes to the growth of the company.

So the booklet is the ideal solution to help develop the company’s business because the booklet states all things related to the company’s products through image assistance. Because of that, the company is required to create a good and attractive booklet design. So many explanations of the definitions and benefits of booklets for companies.

The following is a discussion of the definition and use of product design. Have you ever watched a product that is packaged in a unique, funny, or interesting package? Did you know that attractive and unique packaging was created by involving experienced designers or commonly known as designers? But designers here are not people who create clothes designs but people who are experienced in graphic design. Product design is created in such a way that the product looks unique in the eyes of consumers. So what is the definition and design of the product?

Curious about understanding and using the actual product design? The following is information about the ins and outs of product design from its knowledge to the benefits for not a few things, especially for the promotion of the product itself.

Understanding Product Design

The definition of product design is a process for making the latest product designs that the company will market to its customers. The concept to make the most extensive design, even the development of ideas that lead to urgent products is done.

For example, in terms of its systematic approach, a product designer will conceptualize and evaluate many kinds of ideas and turn them into a more tangible invention. Here the role of a product designer is to combine art, various graphic design sciences, and technology to create new products that later function for others.

Interestingly there are definitions and other designs for products when viewed from all experts. Experienced write that product design comes from industrial design. Even product design can be called packaging design. In this matter, product design is interpreted as an idea, development of various concepts, testing, and carrying out manufacturing and services.

There is also a mention of the definition and use of product design is a management tool where its purpose is to translate the results of research work as well as its development before it later becomes something real and produced and produces profits. Product design is not merely creating designs without meaning but is required by the prevailing standards.

Benefits of Product Design

How to design the product yourself? Each designer product must know the meaning and design of the product. The benefits of product design are varied. The following are the benefits in everyday life. First is to speed up each work process. An activity sometimes takes a short time. But with the product design, more activities can be shortened, especially using graphic design technology.

The second benefit is to pronounce hidden messages in graphic format. The design can see this of certain products that have protected messages. For example, with signs, letters, or colors in the design of the product itself. But it is not easy to find a quality product design and can say the message intended for consumers.

The benefits of product design are then product designs made so that the marketed products become more unique and unique. If the product looks unique, surely the selling price of the product will increase not only that the products designed with special techniques will be seen as the opposite of other products that even look more qualified. Because it is not uncommon for a company to intentionally create a product design that matches the trend, but it still fits the needs of consumers and still matches the cost of production.

Product Design Purpose

The purpose of product design is to avoid failure when creating the product. You also become able to choose an excellent and economical way to make products. With product design, you can quickly assess product standards and specifications that are created in more detail.

When running a product design, you will be able to calculate costs and assess the price of the product that will be made. The last thing is that you can understand the product that was created, whether it has matched the requirements of the product feasibility standard or still needs to be developed again.

Product Design Objectives

The destination of product design, like producing a product that is of high quality and has a high selling value. Able to produce products that match the trend in time. Another goal is to create economical products, perhaps at the expense of artificial costs (raw materials) and without minimizing the selling value of these products.

That is the definition as well as for product design in general. The role of product use design is indeed greatest. Especially when viewed in terms of economic value. Products with different designs also create high-value savings. In addition to real life, it turns out that in the online world, especially Games, the role of product design is important. Does it have the skills to create a quality product design? So many explanations about the meaning and use of product design.